Saturday, 30 April 2011

Adobe After Effects CS5

I have never really been a huge fan of editing but i have recently really started to like it, so i heard that a very good type of software was Adobe After Effects, so i went and had a look at some youtube videos and looked around google for some helpful tips on it and i liked the look of some of the features it had.

I Downloaded it the other week now and i'm really getting into it, i like the style and having watched a few youtube edits before buying, i realised it is fairly easy to pick up and once you get into it, its a good hobby to have. Really enjoying it and was thinking of looking at getting more editing software, maybe looking at sony vegas but the money is expensive for it so i may just see how i do with this for a bit, just wanted to know aswell if anyone has had any experience with sony vegas 9.0 if they could leave a comment maybe just saying what you thought of it and if it is worth the cost of it, or do you think i am better off keeping with AAE CS5 for now ?
Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Call of Duty 4

Personally (having played all of them) i find this as the best by far, i also enjoyed Call of Duty 2, but i thought what 2 lacked, 4 made up for. To this day i'm not even sure about what it is that i liked about that game, i think it was just the simplicity combined with great maps and great guns. The game has gone downhill since Call of Duty 4 in my view and i can't ever see it coming back to how it was.

Now that the game is becoming evermore deserted i have started playing Counter Strike: Source every now and then and i'm really starting to enjoy it. If you know any other games similar to the style of these ones if you understand the style i'm looking for i would appreciate feedback.

Life of Kevin

Just started cooking some dinner for myself and i'm considering in future getting something a little more challenging to cook, for example with spices and flavours. I like spicy food so hopefully it should taste nice as well as give me some motivation to make it well.