Sunday, 22 May 2011


So recently me and some friends have been talking about starting BMX'ing and skateboarding etc. So we was also talking about maybe when we get a bit better recording some stuff for a laugh and we are currently looking for a pretty decent starter bike that isn't too expensive but still good. Having said this i'm also doing my A-levels right now and i am trying to keep a lot of focus on that by doing a lot of revision, my final exam is on the 27th may so hopefully i can order it on maybe the 25th and it will come through just as i finish exams which would be perfect really. Then i will have a load of free time and i will keep this blog going with our progress on how we do and will be sure to post a video or two if we make some :)

Basically this is the bike i was thinking about getting:

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Guild Wars 2

Ok so having watched a few trailers of this and watched some of the gameplay for it. I'm not going to lie the game looks amazing like no game before it. The closest thing i can think of comparing this too is WoW but with a much higher skill requirement considering it has the whole "Dynamic Combat" feature to it (for those of you who don't know this is basically you have the ability to manually dodge attacks).

There is so much to talk about for this game that its untrue. It has so many amazing things about it that other games have never thought of before, a few of these are the ability to have one character lay down a wall of fire and then when arrows are shot through it, they turn into fire arrows. To me this makes a game much enhanced. Another great thing about this game is that after the initial cost it is F2P game but will no doubt have many expansions for it in the future. Its a lot to explain and if you aren't already pursuaded then i'm sure this video will do the rest.

Let me know what your opinions on the game are and what you think some of its best features about it are.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Portal 2

Firstly i'm going to start of by saying i haven't played Portal 2 yet but i am considering it.

Ok so there is obviously a lot of talk about Portal 2 and people asking if it is as good as the original and a lot of debate of why, from what i have heard the game is good and when looking at trailers and in-game footage reviews it really didn't look too bad. However recently a few people have been saying to me that its not all that its been made out to be. Now i'm not sure if thats just because Portal 1 set such high standards for them to make a new one and i can understand if its not as great, the main problem i face is will the price drop at all and what all you guys think about the game if you have played it.

Would really appreciate any feedback from any of you that have it and even if you don't maybe what have you heard about it :)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Back from holiday, was great :) only went for the 2 days though but really nice. Going sleep now though because i'm really tired so will talk about it more when i next post.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Going on holiday

I'm away until Monday now so just a little update that i won't be posting for the next couple of days, everyone have a great weekend and will tell you all how it was when i get back! :) (going to Spain)

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Some more AE CS5

So i have really been getting into this whole editing stuff now and i'm really starting to take an interest in it. I have been working on something a bit larger than before by throwing a few clips together that i got from someone who is holding an editing contest. I'm not really aiming to win it but i just grabbed the clips because it gives me something to do in my spare time, just thought i would leave you guys a few really helpful things hear if you also are looking at editing using AE CS5:

Twixtor: This allows you to slow down the time on clips and lets you really emphasize those moments where you want something to be noticed or to stand out. (i find using this at the end of the kill feed in FPS games during the reload to be most effective.)

Magic Bullet Looks: This is a color correction program that allows you to change the color to suit situations (E.G. a darker map you may want to use a fairly lighter blue background to really bring out where the people are discretely without using huge contrast and making the clip ruined because you made it far too light)

Knoll Light Factory: I really enjoy using this as it adds the flare to wherever you want it to be. (you may have noticed the use of this in the top/right hand side of my first video where i was still fairly new to it)

Hopefully these are good to any of you using AE CS5 and i do believe you can get it on other editing software as well. There are tutorials everywhere for these addon's on youtube and there are most likely other bloggers who may have some more information in depth on these.

Anyway i hope this helped you all and will be posting my new video once it is completed :) ! 

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Bit of Music

Just thought i would put this out here, not going to make a large article as i don't have time so i'm just going to throw a few of my favorite songs out there

Let us know what you though of these :)

Monday, 2 May 2011

Osama Dead, Whats your view ?

The way i look at this is that he was not at all creating any threat anymore and killing him was always only going to prompt further terrorism and outrage. However letting him live would have looked cowardly and also after looking for him for this many years you would think that once they finally did find him they were not just going to let him walk of freely. He was a dead man walking.

Another point about this whole thing is that obviously with something on this scale and with a government as corrupt as the USA, there is obviously going to be conspiracies as to what really happened, some of these are things such as "why did he get sent out to sea so quickly after his death when only just the other day we had Gaddafi's son die and there was pictures of the body." Conspiracies will always exist and until proven correct (which with the amount of corruption in the government, is highly unlikely.) will remain as just theories.

Let us know what your ideas on this are :) !

Sunday, 1 May 2011

My first attempt using AE CS5

So this is my first attempt at using AE CS5, be as critical as you like, tell me aditional features to use etc. I just need tips and feedback at the moment, much appreciated :)

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Adobe After Effects CS5

I have never really been a huge fan of editing but i have recently really started to like it, so i heard that a very good type of software was Adobe After Effects, so i went and had a look at some youtube videos and looked around google for some helpful tips on it and i liked the look of some of the features it had.

I Downloaded it the other week now and i'm really getting into it, i like the style and having watched a few youtube edits before buying, i realised it is fairly easy to pick up and once you get into it, its a good hobby to have. Really enjoying it and was thinking of looking at getting more editing software, maybe looking at sony vegas but the money is expensive for it so i may just see how i do with this for a bit, just wanted to know aswell if anyone has had any experience with sony vegas 9.0 if they could leave a comment maybe just saying what you thought of it and if it is worth the cost of it, or do you think i am better off keeping with AAE CS5 for now ?
Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Call of Duty 4

Personally (having played all of them) i find this as the best by far, i also enjoyed Call of Duty 2, but i thought what 2 lacked, 4 made up for. To this day i'm not even sure about what it is that i liked about that game, i think it was just the simplicity combined with great maps and great guns. The game has gone downhill since Call of Duty 4 in my view and i can't ever see it coming back to how it was.

Now that the game is becoming evermore deserted i have started playing Counter Strike: Source every now and then and i'm really starting to enjoy it. If you know any other games similar to the style of these ones if you understand the style i'm looking for i would appreciate feedback.

Life of Kevin

Just started cooking some dinner for myself and i'm considering in future getting something a little more challenging to cook, for example with spices and flavours. I like spicy food so hopefully it should taste nice as well as give me some motivation to make it well.